Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions

1/4" Guitar End Pin Jacks

2 and 3 conductor 1/4 inch end pin jacks feature long threaded bushings ideal for mounting into panels and chassis up to 1.25 inches thick. The metal bushing helps eliminate hum pick-up, and is ideal for musical instrument and speaker connections. Jacks mate with standard 1/4" phone plugs and mount in a single .469 inch diameter hole.


Mounting Bushing: Nickel-plated copper alloy with knurled flange.

Insulating Spacer: Rigid plastic.

Insulator/Spring Mount: Thermoplastic.

Springs: Copper alloy.

Terminals: Tip: Copper alloy. Ring: (Number 152B only) copper alloy.

Sleeve: Steel, tin-plated.

Hardware: Supplied with one, Number P10531 nickel-plated copper alloy hex nut, and one, Number P14761 nickel-plated copper alloy flat washer.

Part Number Description Jack Schematic Typical Mating Plug
151 2-conductor, open circuit, nickel finish I 280
152 2-conductor, open circuit, brass finish I 280
152B 3-conductor, double open circuit, nickel finish IV 297
153 2-conductor, open circuit, gold-plated springs,
electro-polish brass finish, 9/16-12 UNC wood threads
I 280
154 3-conductor, double open circuit, gold finish,
no cable clamp
IV 297
155 3-conductor, double open circuit, black satin finish,
no cable clamp
IV -