Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions

CB Style Connectors

Miniature 3 and 4 circuit connectors for microphone connections in mobile/communications equipment. Cord plug has silver-plated copper alloy contacts, large cable clamp, and strain relief spring.


  • 3-Contact female cord plug
  • Knurled coupling ring has internal metric M16x1 thread.
  • Solder lug terminals accept wires up to #18 AWG.
  • Accommodates cables up to .281" (7.14 mm) diameter.
  • Length 1.594" (40.49mm), diameter 0.703" (17.86mm)



  • 3-pin male receptacle.
  • Housing keys insert of mating plug; bushing with external M16x1 metric thread mates with coupling ring on plug.
  • Cup-type terminals accept wires up to #16 AWG.
  • Mounts in .64" (16.26 mm) diameter hole from front of panels up to .125" (3.18 mm) thick, using washer and locknut supplied. Can also be ā€œDā€-hole mounted for non-turn mounting (see drawing).
  • Pin diameter. is .093"
  • Length 0.781" (19.84mm), Diameter 0.705" (19.05mm)